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Knox Presbyterian Church, Milton has been serving the Citizens of the community for 165 years. This is certainly a special historical highlight of our Congregation contributions to Milton. This is a great year to celebrate our Anniversary. It was 200 years ago 1820, that the first settlers began to arrive in the Milton area. We also welcome our new Pastor Stephen Rothery.

In 1855, our Milton congregation was established. In 1857, our first church was dedicated having been built on Martin Street at 103, and now serves Graceway Baptist Church.

Today we continue to serve and witness the Lords presence in all things as previous generations. In 1890, our second church was built in the heart of downtown Milton -170 Main Street.

Our Carillion has brought some history back to our downtown area. These bells now ring each day at both 12 noon and 6 pm. On Sunday, they ring out the call to morning worship.

Note: Anniversary Service date TBC. We hope you will join us!