Dear Friends of Knox, 

It is my great pleasure to officially report that the Presbytery of Brampton this past Tuesday night June 23rd approved and sustained the Call and the Concurrence of the congregation that the Rev. Stephen Rothery be appointed as the Lead Pastor for Knox starting on July 1st.  My thanks to Aileen Allore and Cheryl Hayles for their excellent and creative presentation to Presbytery on behalf of the congregation. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions required under phase 2, the Induction Service for Pastor Steve will not be held until the Presbytery of Brampton feels that it is safe to do so. In the meantime I will remain as the nominal Interim Moderator for Knox, and transition the pastoral leadership to Pastor Steve and function as guide when and where possible. 

There are several thank-you’s that I would like to extend and the first is to the Search Team for their dedication and enthusiasm in this process. I was very blessed to work in a team that researched, discerned and prayed together, even during the pandemic interruption. It was a great pleasure for me to get to know each of them just a little bit, and I am going to miss connecting with them.  

My second thank you is to Pastor Jim Danielson and to Rev. Brad Shoemaker who along with the Zoom tech team and the staff of Rachel Cleland, Isaac McEachern and Carol McPhail stepped up and provided meaningful and nourishing worship and administrative support. Jim if there was a way to make you an “honorary Presbyterian” I would. We have appreciated your love for God, your timely pastoral preaching and teaching and dedication to Knox over the past year. 

My third thank you is to the Session of Knox and the Finance and Maintenance Team who really made my tenure as the Interim Moderator an enjoyable experience. In particular I am very appreciative of Karl Reichert for his leadership over the past 14 months. As an Interim Moderator, with my own congregation, there is a need to learn as quickly as you can the culture of another congregation and the priorities that need to be looked after once a pastor is no longer present. I was able to lean on Karl for many things, and he was always there, with humility and love for his Lord and for your congregation.  

Finally I wish to thank you as a congregation for your patience and participation during the vacancy. Your faithfulness to the ministry of Jesus Christ continues to persevere in Milton and beyond.  I look forward to hearing the good things that the living God is going to do through you, your Session and your pastoral leadership over the coming years. 

In Christ’s Service 

Pastor Ian McWhinnie 

Interim Moderator