Important Information About Knox and OUR Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Update From Pastor Steve - Sept. 8

Hi folks

From the 13th of September, we are resuming some in-person Sunday services at Knox Milton for those who want to participate in this way. Our service will continue to be livestreamed and online will remain the primariy medium.

This first time around, I am emailing the registration link and details to everyone, but for subsequent weeks, the registration link will be found via our website or Facebook page. We totally understand that not everyone will be comfortable coming, but want to make sure that everyone is kept in the loop. 😊

To ensure the safety of everyone there, there are currently a few key differences with how these services will run.

1) We would ask everyone to pre-register, there will be a different registration link each week that will be posted on our website. You can register online for the 13th here:

If you get stuck or want to see what the process for registration looks like, you can see me walk through it here:

(This can be done online or by ringing the church office either during office hours, or leaving a message)

2) At this time, there is no children's programming on Sunday mornings and kids will need to sit with their parents.

3) At this time, we are unable to do community singing, so while we will have music in the service, we would ask that those who are present in the sanctuary limit themselves to humming along.

4) In keeping with the advice of our regional health authorities, we will be maintaining physical distancing following the mandatory mask by-law. (We will also have spare disposable masks available if you accidentally leave yours at home)

5) If you have any COVID-19 symptoms at all, have been recently exposed or recently arrived from outside the province, we ask that you remain at home in self isolation.

We will have some more information available about what to expect on the day, when to arrive, etc, next week.

Other than that, I sent out some principals to keep in mind here:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact either me or anyone else on session.


-Pastor Steve