Living Faith: A Statement of Christian Belief

Subordinate Standard of the Presbyterian Church in Canada


1.1 There is one true God

whom to know is life eternal,

whom to serve is joy and peace.

God has created all that is.

The whole universe testifies

to the majesty and power of its Maker.

1.2 God has come to us.

The Lord spoke to the people of Israel

and entered into covenant with them.

From Israel came Jesus Christ,

the Son of God,

bringing salvation through a new covenant

entered by faith.

The Lord continues to come to us by the Holy Spirit,

God present in the world,

and Guide to the church, the new Israel.

1.3 The church upholds and defends the truth

given to the apostles

and recorded in the Scriptures.

The Old and New Testaments

witness to God's mighty acts.

They reveal the Creator's holy love,

and lead us to Jesus Christ.

1.4 The creeds of the early church

preserve the faith of the apostles

who first preached the Gospel of Christ.

We receive them as a legacy

in which the true interpretation of the Scriptures

is protected.

1.5 Therefore, with the one church universal

we believe in one God, eternal Trinity,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

three in one,

one in three,

equal in power and glory.

God is the Father to whom we come,

the Son through whom we come,

the Spirit by whom we come.

1.6 We worship almighty God, the source of all life.

With thanks we acknowledge

God's wisdom, power, faithfulness, and love.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,

and to the Holy Spirit,

as it was in the beginning, is now,

and ever shall be!

Copyright C 1984 The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Fifteenth printing, January 1993